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Jemboys World Shop is Open

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Saturday, 20 November 2010

1989 Cheerleader Maxie, Ashley & Carly




Certainly a shot for the yearbook?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Improved site

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Jem Prototype Photos'

Roxy - Originally named Rue

Roxy changed to Stormer

Pizzazz gained an extra Z
M became Jem as Hasbro could not trademark a letter
Jade becanme Aja

and Aja became Kimber

Sunday, 8 August 2010

1981 Golden Dream Christie

A beautiful Steffie faced doll from Lori, Christie is just so cute and her hair is great. It was wild but I tamed it a little, although it has real wire in it which is hard to tame :)
This Christie along with Pink & Pretty are just some of the most stunning dolls from the early 80's.

1982 Bride Tracy in Twice as Nice Fashion

This is my 2nd Tracy as I was not keen on my first girls face paint so I sold her on.
This lady is stunning, just perfect with thick hair. I didn't know what to dress in her in so tried this Twice as Nice outfit from my friend Lori (who I also got Tracy from) and she was turned in into a Latino looking goddess.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Barbie Vs Jem

After a long spell of collecting Sindy & Barbie, I was looking for something in my (now) smaller Jem box. I thought as this is Barbie Vs Jem I would take a few pictures of the girls I now have. I have managed to get myself down to (pretty much) one of each doll as at one point I had 100+
These surviving girls are who I think are the prettiest ones of the dolls I had. More pictures to come so stay tuned...

Danse of The Holograms

Danse was one of the last Jem dolls I got as a kid, I don't think I played much with her as she is not amazingly beautiful like some of the other dolls but I have a great appreciation off her now. Her outfit is amazing, shame they didn't make her hair a bit longer like the cartoon version.

Synergy of The Holograms

I don't believe Synergy was ever released in the UK so I never had her as a kid as I am sure I would have done, I don't think we got Jetta either but I may be wrong.

Synergy is such a cool doll as she is purple. Her outfit looks nothing like the one on the show, and makes her look like an 80's alien fitness instructor

Roxy of The Misfits

Roxy was always a favourite doll for me and my sister as kids. This is the 2nd edition Roxy and she differs a little to my original 1st edition. My original girl had polker straight hair like my original Pizzazz. I do prefer the 2nd year dolls as they seem to move better and have nicer hair. I never got any of the 2nd year dolls as a kid as I wasn't keen on the clothes. I did get them again when I started to re-collect but again I didn't like the clothes so packed them off to someone that did ;)

Shana of The Holograms

1st edition Shana is such a stunning doll. She shares the same beautiful face mold as Synergy & Stormer who I also love. I think it's the pouting lips that I like with the Steffie faced Barbie's.

Kimber of the Holograms

One of my favourite dolls in the Jem range is Kimber. Over the years I have had quite a few but since streamlining down this is my favourite Kimber. She is closer to the 2nd edition with the cute face, long thick hair and pastel makeup. Her hair is just amazing!

Friday, 23 July 2010

The 1980's Barbie Fan Club Page on Facebook

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Lori's Dolls For Sale

Check out my freind Lori's listings on e-bay, If you like my dolls you'll love what she is selling as I get a lot of my dolls from Lori.
Enjoy :)

1992 - Special Expressions Barbie (Whitney)

Such a beauty!

Special Expressions Barbie is a Woolworth exclusive to the USA in 1992, my friend Lori had sent me a list of Steffie faced dolls and I just glanced over the name thinking she would have some sort of strange expressions face. How wrong I was, this beautiful girl arrived in the box and was a huge surprise. She is one of my favourite girls now and is clearly Whitney. She looks a lot like the rare Ultra Hair Whitney so maybe her face and makeup where re-used? She has the most beautiful hair as it's a light brown shade and so shiny & glossy. Thanks again to Lori :)

1985 - Peaches & Cream Barbie

Peaches was a childhood favourite doll. Barbie was a great in 1984/5 and the UK was really pushing forward Barbie over Sindy and I was hooked as I was an easy influenced kid ;)

I won this girl with an 1987 Sindy for 99p, she is an original Peaches too. I spotted her her a mile off so was pleased that on one did as she is quite popular due to the re-release. I have had her a while but she gets to show her face here as my friend Lori sent me her outfit. Thanks Lori :)

1990 - Lights and Lace Teresa

Lights and Lace Teresa falls just out of my usual collecting era but I couldn't resist her. With her big brown eyes and masses of dark hair.

I am going to say nothing about the whole concept of this doll or what they dressed the poor thing in. The belt is the light and as for the oversized hairbow?!

A quick hair touch up, new dress and Jems earrings she looks a bit less like 80's Cyndi Lauper at a kids party! The dress is an outfit I loved as a kid and was a bargain at 50p from e-bay

1983 Sun Gold Malibu P.J.

I have wanted Sun Gold Malibu P.J. for ages. My good Barbie friend Lori found her for me, and while she doesn't have her bathing suit or accessories I think she looks great in my favourite Twice as Nice fashion. I would still like her mint sometime in the future.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Monday, 5 July 2010

1982 - Pink & Pretty Christie

Just stunning

The Pink & Pretty Girls!
Pink & Pretty Barbie was my favorite as a kid, My sister got her me a few years back in the box so I was happy. I then found a picture of Pink & Pretty Christie and instantly fell in love with her but not the cost. She was like $170+ in the box so I never dreamed I would get her.
My wonderful new Barbie pal said she had a spare so I jumped at the offer of owning her and she is now in my top 3 dolls!
She had rather thick matted hair at first, I tried a makeover but I still wasn't happy with the results as it was all bushy and hard to manage. I boiled the kettle ready to straighten it.
When I nervously poured the water over her head, all the fuzz seemed to disappear and keep the beautiful wave to it. I have never tried this method on Barbie before but it worked and gave me the perfect result.

1987 - Perfume Pretty Whitney

I have wanted Perfume Pretty Whitney for a long time,I had Perfume Pretty Barbie as a kid and I got her again a few years back but she had rubbish hair so I sold her on. On the back of the box it showed the beautiful Whitney doll and I have wanted her since. With the help of my new Barbie friend who is also a Steffie Faced collector I managed to get her loose as she is hard to find in the UK and she is a stunner.
She needed a little hair makeover (as she had toybox hair LOL) but it came out well considering that they used 2 fabrics for her hair and the lighter highlights are made from fuzzy material!

1991 - Benetton Teresa

Benntton Teresa is quite stunning and not a doll i really knew about as she falls just out of my 80's era of collecting. A new Barbie friend suggested her to me as I was buying a few Steffie faced dolls from her. I am glad I took her up on the offer as she is quite stunning and unusal. With her stunning hair and beautiful eyes she certainly stands out as does her outfit.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

1988 - Nurse Whitney (Re-Post)

Beautiful eyes and silky soft hair

Here is her glamourous evening dress hidden under her uniform.

Stunning Steffie Face