Sunday, 20 June 2010

1988 - Nurse Whitney (Re-Post)

Beautiful eyes and silky soft hair

Here is her glamourous evening dress hidden under her uniform.

Stunning Steffie Face

1987- Jewel Secrets Whitney

Jewel Secrets Whitney is one of the most stunning dolls I think have ever been produced.

I think she just looks so Dallas/Dynasty in this outfit.

A beautiful Steffie face and masses of beautiful 2 toned hair.

Barbie & Whitney.
I have wanted Jewel Secrets Whitney for as long as I have been re-collecting Barbie. Trouble has been at £100+ she is very pricey and highly sought after.
I recently decided to sell/trade some Jem clothes and came across a guy who had her boxed and wanted to trade. I am waiting for Whitney to arrive as she is coming from the USA on the boat so 4-6 weeks is the expected time frame. In the meantime I saw this Whitney on e-bay from the same UK seller as I got Sweet Roses P.J. so I could not resist putting a bid in. I did not think I would win her for the minimum asking price but I did. I think that the seller did not put Barbie in the title so maybe she was overlooked, who knows. My boxed Whitney will stay minty (when she arrives) and this little lady will become a model for any fashions I pick up in the future.

1987 - Jewel Secrets Barbie

This is the African American version of Jewel Secrets Barbie. I got her at a bargain price from e-bay mint in the box. I never had her as a kid and that bloody skirt/tote bag thing is just awful.
I think the AA version is cute though and she looks better out of the skirt. See Jewel Secrets Whitney for more pics.
Useless fact: Jewel Secrets Barbie is shown in the movie "Big" starring Tom Hanks

1983 - Sweet Roses P.J. (2)

This is my 2nd Sweet Roses P.J. I had a P.J phase a few years back and got this version of her. I was never really taken with her so I sold her on. Since then my passion for the Steffie faced dolls has increased so I got her back. I won this lady from a lovely U.K seller, She came with very matted hair due to her curls. It took me nearly an hour to comb the dreadlocks into this style. She is sweet but not my favorite girl in the Steffie/P.J. range.

P.J. are my initials too incidentally!

1983 - Loving You Barbie

Loving you Barbie is one of my childhood favorite dolls, and she was my sisters! She was a bit overly "hearty". She came with a a little stamp and some heart shaped paper which I was not really interested in that much. What I love most about this Barbie is her bright red lipstick, striking eyes and of course that beautiful strawberry blonde hair.
This little lady has been residing at my sisters house for a while and became a bath doll for the kids so I decided to rescue her back to my collection and replaced her with a My First Barbie :)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


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