Saturday, 27 December 2008

1985 Tropical Miko

Tropical Miko is an old favourite of mine (As is Tropical Barbie). We originally got Miko in July 1987 on a trip to Florida. It was very difficult to find Barbie's friends in the UK (If they stocked them at all?) so when we saw Miko we loved her.
My sister bought me this Miko for Christmas 2008 and she is a beauty.

Here are the many ways to wear the ruffle!
She has beautiful long silky black hair.
And a beautiful indian face mold.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Barbie World Of Fashion Leaflet 1985

A few more dolls added in 1985 that I had. Day To Night and My First Barbie.
I love Day To Night.

Peaches and Cream is another favourite of mine as a kid. She is damn hard to try to get again though now.

Barbie World Of Fashion Leaflet 1984

I had quite a few of these dolls as a kid, Crystal, Loving You, Shaping Up Ken & Barbie (UK Green versions) I have now got Crystal, Shaping Up and the beautiful Sweet Roses P.J.
I really don't understand Happy Birthday Barbie's hair at all but she does look familiar so maybe I had her. I love Twirly Curls Barbie, she was always a favourite as a kid.
The Sun Malibu range are also really nice looking, P.J. is on my wish list. We definatly had the blue mini dress too!
I just recently aquired Bride Tracy, she has that cute Steffie face.

Ahh the Twice As Nice range, I love them all, I think we had them all as kids too. This is a range I want to collect them all from.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

1982 Shaping Up Barbie, Ken & Skipper

I wasn't going to get myself Ken or Skipper unless by default.

Well here is default.

I had been checking out Shaping Up Barbie on line however I had no memory of owning her as a kid, until I this picture in an e-bay listing. I instantly recognised the fashion and Kens fashion too.

For some reason the UK "Shaping Up" set are in green and white whereas the rest of the world seemed to get blue and pink (like Skippers outfit, which as you may notice doesn't match Barbie & Ken) Maybe it was something to do with the Tennis over here perhaps? I will investigate...
Hmmm this picture shows Skipper in Green?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Jem Comic Adverts

I was lucky enough to get some great scans from a comic I won on e-bay. I sold it later but I kept it scanned. I can upload a whole story if anyone wants to see it?

I had a cassette with "Who Is He Kissing", "Jelousy" & "Universal Appeal" on as a kid and I couldn't remember where I got it from (as it didn't come with any of the dolls) until I found this advert.

Year 2 Holograms Onstage Fashions

Some of the fashions where rolled over from year 1 so I won't show those pictures. I never had any of the 2nd year fashions as a kid so to collect these has been fun.

I am missing the real socks and shoes from "There's A Melody Playing" and the socks and belt from "Friend or Stranger"
Here are the girls (giving Pizzazz some rather dirty looks) in some of the above fashions.

Year 1 Holograms Onstage Fashions

Some of my 1st Year On Stage Fashions, They are complete so I need to add a couple more pictures.