Wednesday, 17 December 2008

1982 Shaping Up Barbie, Ken & Skipper

I wasn't going to get myself Ken or Skipper unless by default.

Well here is default.

I had been checking out Shaping Up Barbie on line however I had no memory of owning her as a kid, until I this picture in an e-bay listing. I instantly recognised the fashion and Kens fashion too.

For some reason the UK "Shaping Up" set are in green and white whereas the rest of the world seemed to get blue and pink (like Skippers outfit, which as you may notice doesn't match Barbie & Ken) Maybe it was something to do with the Tennis over here perhaps? I will investigate...
Hmmm this picture shows Skipper in Green?

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Clementina Hoste said...

Hi, I trade under Ebay name Sherbarbie and have a sizeable collection like you. The Great Shape 1984 Gift Set came in green and yellow here in the UK as you say whereas the blue and pink and purple outfit of the same name was also available here and elsewhere before the green set Both are shown in the Barbie 30 years guide if that helps!!