Friday, 12 December 2008

1982 Dream Date P.J.

A bargain price from e-bay. Due to the fact the sellers pictures made the doll and box look faded.

Isn't she beautiful?
P.J is one of my favourite dolls ever with the Steffie face!

P.J's Photoshoot


Jademaliburoad said...

Not a fan of the fashion, but love the face, the doll is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I'm bidding on one on ebay, thanks to you!She's really quite lovely, and I am already imagening the redressing possibilities.

Alex said...

I am so jealous I have been after that doll for about 10 years and always alway miss out on the ebay!!!

Grrl Detective said...

Just happened to find this post when I was searching for a photo of this particular doll. Greatest "Barbie" ever. I remember saving up my money for months to buy this doll. She's in storage somewhere at my parents house. Love the photos you've taken of her. (And I'm also a huge Jem fan, looking forward to reading more of your blog when I have time.)