Thursday, 22 July 2010

1985 - Peaches & Cream Barbie

Peaches was a childhood favourite doll. Barbie was a great in 1984/5 and the UK was really pushing forward Barbie over Sindy and I was hooked as I was an easy influenced kid ;)

I won this girl with an 1987 Sindy for 99p, she is an original Peaches too. I spotted her her a mile off so was pleased that on one did as she is quite popular due to the re-release. I have had her a while but she gets to show her face here as my friend Lori sent me her outfit. Thanks Lori :)

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Memento Mori said...

I adore this Barbie cause it was the first one i had. Sadly i was a carefree little girl who lost her jewelry soon, ripped her beautiful dress and took her head off. Now i hope to buy a new one to keep her in her box. I just need money!

thanks for sharing this wonderful images!