Monday, 5 July 2010

1987 - Perfume Pretty Whitney

I have wanted Perfume Pretty Whitney for a long time,I had Perfume Pretty Barbie as a kid and I got her again a few years back but she had rubbish hair so I sold her on. On the back of the box it showed the beautiful Whitney doll and I have wanted her since. With the help of my new Barbie friend who is also a Steffie Faced collector I managed to get her loose as she is hard to find in the UK and she is a stunner.
She needed a little hair makeover (as she had toybox hair LOL) but it came out well considering that they used 2 fabrics for her hair and the lighter highlights are made from fuzzy material!

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Ada said...

Oh she's perfect!I have PP Ken and Barbie and dream of having a Whitney.