Thursday, 22 July 2010

1992 - Special Expressions Barbie (Whitney)

Such a beauty!

Special Expressions Barbie is a Woolworth exclusive to the USA in 1992, my friend Lori had sent me a list of Steffie faced dolls and I just glanced over the name thinking she would have some sort of strange expressions face. How wrong I was, this beautiful girl arrived in the box and was a huge surprise. She is one of my favourite girls now and is clearly Whitney. She looks a lot like the rare Ultra Hair Whitney so maybe her face and makeup where re-used? She has the most beautiful hair as it's a light brown shade and so shiny & glossy. Thanks again to Lori :)


Ada said...

I've never seen this one before. Stunning! Can you take a pic of rhe box also?

Jemboy said...

Yes I will upload the box :)