Wednesday, 14 January 2009

1982 Twirly Curls Barbie

I won Twirly Curls quite by accident. I was bidding on Peaches & Cream (Which I lost) but also bid on Twirly from the same seller hoping to get both for a bargain. I forgot I had bid on Twirly for 99p until I noticed I had won her for 99p!
She turned up looking like a wild woman, crazy hair, filthy and stinking (No the seller didn't say any of that)
After a scrub up she does look nice, she came with all her stuff too (Ribbons, Chair, Clips, Comb etc) so I can't really complain at my 99p win.

Twirly was always a favourite as a kid, I remember my sister getting her for her birthday and being insanely jealous.

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Moira-Mable said...

You have transformed her.She now looks pretty again!Like her face in paticular her blue eyes and long blonde hair. ;o)x