Thursday, 15 January 2009

1989 Dance Club Kayla (SOLD)

I just love Dance Club Kayla, she uses the beautiful Diva mold. She is very Jem inspired with her outfit. She has the most amazing hair. I am not too much in to the later 80's dolls but Kayla really stood out and with her being a bargain price too. I don't think she was released in the UK.

She comes with some rather cool shades!

She is very Jem/Misfit in this outfit!

You can just make Kayla out in this advert, Barbie is just awful in this range, Devon is Ok but I won't be getting her in a hurry! I don't know why the range was "Dance Club" as they don't actually have any special feature to make them dance?


Moira-Mable said...

Just love her shades!; )x

Anonymous said...

I had this doll when it first came out and I loved her! I still have her packed away in a box somewhere, but I don't have all of her pieces. I may just have to find one with all of it's pieces.