Thursday, 15 January 2009

1987 Perfume Pretty Barbie (SOLD)

I would think that Perfume Pretty Barbie would have been one of the last Barbie's I got as a kid that I can remember. I was really quite dissapointed with her as her hair is rather dry and quite cheap to be honest. Maybe I got a duff one though?

It was the dress that reminded me of her, you can have it long or short.

I remember trying to squeeze Jem into this dress, it wouldn't fasten as she is quite a bit wider.

Perfume looks much prettier on her box art that I have previously posted and in this great UK ad. She was priced at £11.99 back in 1987 which is pretty pricey for those days. I remember Jem being £12.99 and I thought she was more deluxe than good old Babs!


JC said...


I think you indeed got a not-so-nice version, the one with the new material Mattel started to use to make the hair of the dolls at that moment. But some got the older material, richer, thicker, nicer. I go this one and it was fabulous!!

Sandra said...

I'm portuguese and my Perfume Pretty Barbie comes in a box named "Barbie Fragancia", which is a spanish version - to me it is the highest quality doll of the 3 versions made. It was a very pricey doll in those days, in 1987 it cost what now is equivalent to 20 euros in Portugal (!). There is the spanish version, from 1987; there is the english/american version, from 1987 too, which has her hair down and the ribbon comb inside a small plastic box; the third version dates from 1988 and has the comb attatching the platinum doll's hair to the box. The third version has the longest and fullest hair of the poorest quality of the three - it makes her look like a 90's barbie. I recently found this out when I searched for a boxed doll identical to the one I owned as a child. The shape of the spanish doll's head is more pleasing and the doll has two surprisingly beautiful hair tones - golden and platinum.
It is a beautiful doll and personally my favorite (between all my over 60 collectible barbies!) because it reminds me of my childhood. Like JC said, she is truly fabulous!