Monday, 26 January 2009

Tropical Island Fun with Barbie & Miko

These are my $5 bargains from the USA. As you may already know my sister got me Miko for Christmas in the box. I contacted a private seller who was selling Tropical Barbie and Island Fun Miko and Barbie at $5.00. He wrote back to say Island Fun Miko had been sold but had Tropical Miko for the same price. It turns out that Miko was listed on his site at $25 so I think I got a great bargain at $5. It was only a week later when my sister surprised me with Miko in her box. So now I have 2

Island Fun Barbie has the sweetest face (If her eyes look a little strange my camera seems to make them look a bit kookeyed) Its a shame her hair is a tad fuzzy but I may be able to get some conditioner on it to chill it out a bit.

Miko is just a stunning doll, I was going to sell her on after my sisters suprise however she looks totally different next to her so I decided to keep her.

I always rememeber Tropical Barbie being more pretty than this one here. I still like her and her hair is just so silky, long and soft.

I think Miko on the left looks more Hawiiain, she has more green eyshadow too. They are both very pretty dolls.


Mandarina said...

I like it very much, they are so beautifull ;)

Anonymous said...

omg, this is the coolest blog!

Laurie said...

I used to have a Miko doll when I was 4, I loved her for her bright costume and her long hair as all the other dolls had shorter hair. I hated it when we had a house fire and her hair was all singed so she had to have a hair cut and her leg got burned black on one side....but I still loved her to death. I wish I had one to give to my little girl!

Mandarina said...

son encantadoras tus barbies ;)