Friday, 2 January 2009

Perfume Pretty Barbie Box Art

Whitney is just stunning in this range, I really want to get her.
Barbie Pictures will be posted soon.


Kristin said...

Just stumbled across this post while showing my daughter some of my favorite 80s toys. Perfume Pretty Whitney was my all-time FAVORITE Barbie...still have her, and my daughters play with her now. And now I wear Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume, because I swear it smells just like the perfume that came in Whitney's locket. ;)

Anonymous said...

@ Kristin - I wear SJP Lovely too and completely agree with you! Every time I wear it I say I smell like Barbie.

pim said...

Thanks you so much for both of ur comments. I'm trying to find this barbie's perfume for so long :D
So in love with this smell so i will buy SJP lovely perfume soon... Thankssss

Toni said...

OOh my goodness. I have been trying to find a perfume that smells like Whitney's locket. I used to love it sooo much when I was little. Fred Hayman's Touch sort of smells like it. But if you guys say SJP's Lovely smells like...I'm ordering it right now!