Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Great Shape Barbie & Ken UK Versions

Here are my Great Shape Barbie & Ken, which are quite different to thier US versions.
I don't know why they are green, my only thought is maybe it was to do with Tennis that year in the UK and we did have a TV fitness lady called the "green goddess" who wore a green suit like Barbie's.
Barbie herself is quite different with her strawberry hair and dark green eyes. She is a very unusual Barbie.

When I saw Great Shape Barbie on the web I only saw the blue & pink US version so it never clicked my memory on having both Barbie & Ken from this set. When I stumbled accross them on e-bay I remembered them. I got them really cheap,with skipper too but the pink version.
I didn't have many Ken dolls as a kid but I did like this one.

Here is the US version in an advert

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Jademaliburoad said...

they were green to match a famous UK workout show back then ;) Cheers -